Today is National Best Friends Day! Jenn and I are not just business partners, we’ve been real-life best friends since before Kindergarten. We can’t actually remember when we met (our moms tell us it was in the church nursery). At one time or another, we’ve been classmates, roommates, band mates, and travel mates. We’re more like sisters, really.

There are a ton of things I could share about our 35-year friendship, but today I’ll narrow it down to 6 fun facts you probably didn’t know about us:

   1). She’s the fashionable one. I’m the yoga-pant-wearing one. She’s the one that told me to wear the aqua cardigan for this photo, she even did my hair.

   2.) She’s amazing in the kitchen. I’m amazing at ordering takeout.

   3.) When it comes to our husbands, it’s understood that Jenn and I WILL tell each other everything. Even if we promise not to. When you married one, you married the other. Chris and Jeff knew that going in. •

   4.) In school, she was the good girl and I was the wanna-be rebel… She was the Valedictorian of our high school class. I would’ve been the salutatorian had I not gotten suspended at the last minute. Oops.

   5.) We try not to finish each other’s sentences during client meetings, but we usually give up on that about 10 minutes in — Our apologies in advance if you’re planning to meet with us anytime soon, but we look forward to meeting you!

   6.) To see embarrassing photos of us throughout the years (including some of my childhood bowl haircut), search this hashtag! #BTLFlashback … Happy #BFFDay, friends!

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The End