Happy Saturday from my holiday-obsessed family! (swipe left for the proof) I’m Jenn, lead photographer here at BTL for the past 11 years. On my weekends off, you’ll find me shopping at antique stores for my next treasure to fill our 100-year-old home, buying another plant, or snuggling up for a family movie night.

By my side for all those years, is my husband, Chris (right). He’s also a business owner (shout out to @vhslandscaping!) and the best life mate I could ask for. In addition to being the best cuddler, he’s super handy and makes all my Pinterest dreams come to life.

My handsome son on the left is Alain. He made me a Mom over 7 years ago. Currently, he is studying art at UTSA. His fashion treasures are found at local thrift stores (seriously… check out his insta @alain.boris). He recently walked a runway and is all around the coolest person I know.

Maya (aka Tiny) may be the youngest in the family, but she runs the show. This year, I’m homeschooling her and loving all the opportunities we have to learn together. She loves digging in the dirt just as much as she loves high heels.

We fudging love Christmas (see what I did there? ) and we have the T-shirts to prove it! Merry Christmas from my family to yours!!! -Jenn

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The End