Hooray!!! You’ve picked a wedding date, a photographer, and your venues! With those decisions marked off of your to-dos, it’s on to the fun stuff…. like your engagement session! This post is a great place to start if you are looking for engagement photo locations in San Antonio.

It is no secret that I LOVE engagement sessions. All of our wedding collections include one because we truly believe that they are an essential part of the process.  During your engagement session, you’ll have the chance to get to know me (Jenn) and I’ll have the chance to get to know you and your fiance.  What we learn at this session will make a tremendous impact on how your wedding day flows. Everyone is nervous about being photographed… it takes about 20 minutes or so to feel comfortable. When your big day comes, you’ll feel like pro because of the practice you had during your engagement session!

Back to the decisions…As you start to plan for your engagement shoot, you will need to choose a location for your session. We find that most of our clients lean towards either natural, outdoorsy locations or bright colorful, more urban locations. If you are drawn to interesting architecture, colorful walls, or want to add a stop at a bar or coffee shop to your session, these 5 engagement session location ideas in San Antonio might be perfect for you. These are just a few of our favorite spots. We love to shoot in new spots too! We’ve photographed sessions on family farms, city parks, downtown streets, and even inside a grocery store. We would love to chat with you about the perfect location for your upcoming session.


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This is the hip and happening area in San Antonio. Every time I am there, I discover a new beautiful location to capture amazing engagement images. Full of interesting architecture, gorgeous landscaping, fun restaurants and a few steps away from the Riverwalk. If you don’t know where to go for your session, I can pretty much guarantee you will find something to love at the Pearl.

This location is a bit more limited as far as variety of backgrounds, but it is such a great spot for San Antonio engagement photos. I love the lines of the bridge and the sunset is perfection. There are definite pros to a simple background. You as a couple will stand out and when you print out images to frame in your home, they will have a cohesive look.
For those drawn to the life and interest of the city, meeting right in the center of San Antonio will give you lots of variety in your images. With every block we walk or corner we turn, there is a new and interesting spot to create vibrant, fun engagement images.

Tucked away in the Southtown area of San Antonio, Blue Star is full of colors and unique artful backgrounds. We can stop in for a glass of wine or coffee eat one of the many restaurants or take a walk on the nearby riverwalk.

Any session that can end with margarita is the definition of winning in my book! If you want color, Market Square is THE place to be. There is a wall in nearly every color of the rainbow, paper picado banners fluttering in the wind and a great city park nearby for some more natural scenery.



UPDATE! We have a new favorite urban location! As a bonus, here’s our 6th favorite! The Rim in San Antonio. An unlikely location that looks beautiful in photos. This is our new favorite spot and we know you’ll love it too! It’s full of color, visual interest, and beauty.

There you have it – 5 (well, 6) urban engagement session locations in San Antonio! Have more questions about your engagement session location (or anything else?) Call us, send us a message on Facebook…whatever! We’re here to help (Helloooo! Our whole job is to make sure your photos rock!)

BTW, check out more of our Tips for Clients (there’s lots of helpful info that will take your photos to the next level — good stuff!)

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-Jenn 🙂
(aka, Lead Photographer)


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