1993. Fun Fact: We can't remember when we met (our moms tell us it was in the nursery). Over the years, we've been classmates, roommates & travel mates. In 1993, we went through a "terrible bangs" phase (obvs.) Click the left/right arrows to see more bad fashion.


1999. If you were BFFs in 90's, there's a good chance you had a cheesy, over-posed photo taken at Olan Mills. This is ours.


2007. Bend the Light was born! On the day we bought our first camera, we celebrated with a cake that said: "Congrats on our Canon”... Any excuse for cake!

04/052009 and 2016

2009 & 2016. Jenn married Chris and Kaylinn married Jeff! We were each others' maid-of-honor, and we took matching photos, 7 years apart. Because we are dorks. And we love each other.

05/05Present Day

Present Day. Wanna know what we're up to these days? We love to share personal stories on our Instagram and blog. Like that one time when Jenn performed a rap at Kaylinn's wedding. Or when Kaylinn shared details of her infertility struggle. The funny, the sad, the embarrassing... it's all there!

I'm hustlin'

Meet Kaylinn

Studio Manager

Known for Over-using Emojis 😊

Hidden Talent Car Dancing

Celebrity Crush Jimmy Fallon

Kaylinn is my name, organization is my game! I’m here to help take the sucky-ness out of having your photo taken (can you say “suck” on your business website?) You shouldn’t have to overthink about the location for your session or the timeline for your wedding day. But if you’re anything like me, you probably will. So let’s at least make it fun and do it together.

When I’m not shooting sessions or geeking-out over spreadsheets, you'll find me hanging with my hunky husband (Jeff). Chances are, we'll be eating sushi takeout, talking to our dogs in baby voices, and debating what music to listen to. IMO, every playlist should include hip-hop from the 90's and 2000's (but good luck convincing him of that).

Who runs
the world?

Meet Marissa

Lead Photographer + Your New Bestie

Hidden Talent Playing the Piano

Guilty Pleasure Chocolate Chip Brownies

Latest Obsession Interior Design

Nice to meet you! I'm Marissa. I guess you could say I'm the new kid on the block. But not really, though. Before officially joining the BTL team, I worked for years as their second-shooter at weddings while running my own photography company.

Shooting portrait sessions is one of my favorite things. I shoot it all... branding sessions, engagement sessions, you name it! You could say that I'm *especially* qualified to photograph families because I spend a ton of time photographing my own. After years of taking photos of my husband, Matt, and our 2 sons (2 yr. and 5 yrs.), I've become an expert goofy-face-maker and kid-wrangler!

But you wanna know something I'm NOT good at? Believe it or not, I don't like having my photo taken. Yep, you read that right! It can be awkward and uncomfortable (can I get an amen?) My #1 goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible when you're in front of my camera. By the time we're finished, you'll be a pro... and I promise, you'll love your images!

If ya
don't know,
now ya know

Meet Jenn

Photo Consultant + Hype Girl

Known for Wearing big earrings

Hidden Talent Making Balloon Animals

Expert at Finishing Kaylinn's sentences

I'm Jenn! Frequent traveler, coffee re-microwaver, and maaaybe not the best driver. I’d much rather have a thoughtful conversation about social justice than make small talk, and I whole-heartedly believe that food is better spicy.

My husband, Chris, is the actual nicest guy I know. When I interrupt our Netflix-binging session for the 86th time, he doesn't mind pausing the TV and listening to *another* random story. That's true love, you guys.

When a member of the BTL team is photographing you, I can’t promise you will think *all* of our jokes are funny, but I can promise that (1) the laughs we capture will be 100% legit and (2) you’re gonna look a-freaking-mazing. Let's do this thing!

As seen in:

In west San Antonio, born and raised...

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Say My

We’ve been John Mayer fangirls since college. When choosing a company name, a nod to our love for Johnny's lyrics just felt right. 🎵
”By the time I recognize this moment, this moment will be gone. But I will bend the light, pretending that it somehow lingers on."

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It isn’t easy, but we are learning to love our bodies just they way they are (while doing what we can to make them healthier). We believe all bodies are beautiful. Yes, even yours. We can't wait to prove it to you.

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Confession: We let our hunky husbands do most of the cooking. After all, they're better at it... and there's nothing sexier than a man in the kitchen. (Can we get an amen?!)

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is Life

We love Lizzo more than we love tacos!
Just kidding... tacos are the best.
(But we like Lizzo a whole lot.)

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Being a photographer is awesome! But being photographed? Not so much. Even for us. We get that. We want photos that capture our real personalities AND make us look good, and we know you do too.

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Not to brag, but we have the best job ever. Like, ever ever. Our favorite part? Editing photos in our PJs. (Dogs and messy buns always included.)

We live colorfully, follow along.

Our Insta game is strong

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