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Briana + BJ are MARRIED and here is the proof! For those of you that are planning your own weddings, get ready to pin a ton of images on Pinterest! Briana’s wedding was packed with gorgeous wedding inspiration (her blush bridesmaid dresses and coral charm peony bouquets were my personal favorite). Diana Boucher and her team made every perfect detail even more perfect (they are known for being fabulous that way). Diana, we ❤️ you!

Our favorites from Briana + BJ’s big day are below, but first… get to know them a little better (in their own words!)

How did you meet?
Briana: We met Halloween of 2013 at an A&M happy hour in Houston. I was there with some of my friends from college (i went to A&M) and BJ was there with some of his friends who went to A&M (he went to Arkansas). So, the story after that all depends on who you ask! haha! I was dressed up as a sorority girl (I was not a sorority girl in college) and was wearing one of my mom’s shirts with an American flag on it with leggings and tennis shoes. BJ was dressed up as a “80s porn star” pretty much he wore the craziest thing that he could find in his closet and shaved a terrible fumanchu in his beard (he ended up wearing green corduroy cut off shorts and a furry collared jean jacket). I walked by him and he made fun of my outfit so then I asked what he was and what his name was and eventually he gave up his name. BJ is my initials so I found that to be unique that his name was BJ. I then go “Oh, it’s meant to be then” and he goes “HA NO” so that’s when I knew he would be my husband haha. Turns out our friends knew each other so we all went and took a shot together and BJ and I exchanged numbers and the rest is history!

Tell us your proposal story!
Briana: BJ and I were supposed to go to the Hyatt Hill Country and have a weekend get away one weekend. I was so excited and I knew for sure he would probably propose that weekend. A couple of hours before we were supposed to leave he called me and said we couldn’t go because we had to meet the contractors at the new house that weekend and I was devastated (I may have cried). So he apologized and said he would make it up to me by taking me golfing in our new neighborhood (Royal Oaks Country Club-where we are getting married)… this is NOT what I had in mind for him making it up to me but I went along with it. He golfed the whole 18 holes and I just rode along in the golf cart looking at the beautiful scenery. We then got to the 18th hole and I was the “pin-puller” so I pulled the pin on the green and then put it back and he was like “does that flag look funny to you?” and I looked up and on the flag it said “Bri, will you marry me?” and then he got down on one knee and then I blacked out haha! I eventually said yes once i realized I never said “yes” throughout all the sobbing. Then all of our family came out from behind the trees and from the balcony at the country club to take pictures and celebrate. I think I cried for a solid 30 min and throughout all the pictures that were being taken!

What Briana loves most about BJ:
I love that he can make me laugh no matter how terrible of a mood I am in. He has taught me so much about life and how to truly live and love to the fullest. I love that we have gone through things that would normally tear a couple apart but these events have only brought us closer (2 house renovations, having to give up a beloved dog, etc.). I love how much of a hard worker he is and how he succeeds in everything he does. I love that he loves to watch HGTV with me 🙂 And of course, I love how handsome he is. There are so many more I cannot even begin to list them all out!

What BJ loves most about Briana:
Oh Bri Bri, I love how supportive she is of EVERYTHING (my work, my schedule, my hobbies). It is hard to find the time to do the things we want to do together, let alone our personal vices. She goes above and beyond to make sure I know how much she loves me and doesn’t push the envelope for acknowledgement. The little things she does make our relationship. She is true to who she is and is truly my angel. 

Briana + BJ wanted to head straight to their reception after the ceremony (instead of spending lots of time taking photos!), so they decided to see each other beforehand. This way, we were able to take plenty of bride/groom and wedding party photos AND they didn’t miss one minute of their reception. Win/win! The photo above was taken in the first moments that they saw each other. We love first looks!

Blush bridesmaid dresses and peony bouquets? YES!!

Briana + BJ, congrats on being the new Mr. and Mrs. Kellagher! We had so much fun with you guys and wish you a million years of happiness!


Wedding Coordinator: Diana Boucher, San Antonio TX
Wedding Ceremony: Royal Oaks Country Club
Wedding Reception: Royal Oaks Country Club
Bride’s Dress: Martina Liana
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids
Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Bravo
Wedding Cake: Get Caked
Floral: Blush & Vine


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