Full disclosure: This coffee cup was completely empty. It was a total prop, and I feel better now that you know the truth. Turns out, caffeine is a big no-no when your pregnant (which means I’m totally missing the Pumpkin Spice Latte train this year. Baaahh! )

Other preggo no-no foods: deli meat, soft cheese, and sushi. Skipping deli meat and soft cheese? Fine, no prob. But the no-sushi struggle is REAL, y’all. Jeff got me hooked on sushi when we were dating, and it’s become one of our favorites. Before I was pregnant, we had sushi a few times a month (shout out to my favorite sushi stop, @kumorisushi! I’ll be back in May of 2018!)

These little sacrifices will be soooo worth it when we meet our little one next spring. For now, I’m learning to love COOKED fish and posing for photos with empty coffee cups in my hand. -Kaylinn

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The End