After struggling through 1.5 years of infertility, milestones like your baby’s first trip to see Santa are a prrrretty big deal. We took Ellie to see Santa at The Don Strange Ranch, one of our all-time favorite places. Ellie was more interested in Santa’s beard than smiling for the camera, but we did manage to get her to look in the right direction for one photo!

A few minutes before meeting Santa, daddy accidentally spilled formula all over the cute top that Ellie was wearing… so we did a quick outfit change and improvised with her cute little baby jacket. No big deal, we’ve waited years to be parents… nothing’s gonna stop this Christmas from being the best ever! -Kaylinn

PS – Read about our infertility journey here… and see our long-awaited pregnancy announcement here (our most-liked blog post to date!) Follow along with our parenthood journey on Facebook and Instagram. It’s gonna be a wild ride!

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