It’s #FlashbackFriday over on our Facebook page and Instagram feed, and today’s photo is worth sharing on the blog too! Jenn and I have SO many photos together through the years (35 years of friendship is a long time, y’all!) This one comes straight from my 8th birthday party. Peter Piper Pizza was THE place where all the cool kids had their parties (and you KNOW I must have been a cool kid because I was rockin’ a BOWL haircut. #ThanksMom) Apparently I loved their pizza so much, I refused to put it down for this photo. Random fact: I remember sitting next to my crush (Timothy) at this party, which was the highlight of my 8-year-old-life. Timothy was more interested in playing video games than chatting it up with me, but that didn’t stop me from drawing hearts around his name the next day. Ha!


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