Since lifestyle newborn sessions are all about being relaxed at home and capturing your family’s new life together, you may be wondering how can you prepare your home and your family for your session. It is easier than you think. Here are a few tips to get your home ready for a lifestyle photo shoot.

Note: We suggest that you let us know as soon as possible that your little one has arrived! Newborn sessions typically take place in your home 7-10 days after the baby is born. If you are overwhelmed while settling into your new role as parents and want to schedule your session at a later time, that’s ok too! I recently did a session with a 6 week old baby and she was the best sleepy, snuggler ever!!

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Make your home photo ready


It is all about the light.

We named our company Bend the Light for a reason! I will choose pretty, flattering light over a stunning background every time. If you have a room with no windows or small windows, we will probably use a different space. The best spaces will have large windows and preferably several windows. Leading up to your session, watch the light in your space at all times of the day. We will schedule the session with the room is brightest.



Clear the clutter.

We know you live in your home, so we do not expect every nook to be clean. Anything you don’t want to show up in the background should be (temporarily) moved. Trashcans, tissue boxes, bottles, phone chargers, empty glasses, etc. should be moved. Pay extra attention to which rooms have the most light as that is probably where we will spend most of the session.


Turn up the heat.

If you want to get some images of those sweet, tiny fingers and toes, you may need to turn up your thermostat a bit. Newborns love to be warm. After all, they just spent nine months is a cozy, snuggly place. Also keep this in mind when choosing outfits for yourself, so that you aren’t sweating during the session.


Bring out the sentimental items.

Did your grandma knit a blanket for your little one? Did your mom keep one of your favorite toys? Feel free to use items that have sentimental value in your photos.


Feed the baby.

This part may seem obvious, but it is important to make sure your baby has a full belly and a clean diaper when I arrive (or shortly after). Plain white diapers or some kind of diaper cover will photograph best. I am a sucker for a newborn in a simple short sleeve, light white or pastel onesie. We want the session to be stress-free and causal for the whole family… so we will allow plenty of time for feeding and changing breaks during the session.


And the #1 tip: RELAX

Give yourself some extra time to prepare and have a family member or friend come over to help with the baby while you get ready. The goal of a lifestyle session is is to capture your family being yourselves. We will capture few portraits of everyone looking at the camera, but those come more naturally when everyone is relaxed and playful. The mood of the parents plays a big part in how the children are during the session. Play some relaxing music or do whatever you need to do to feel comfortable and enjoy this time with your new family.

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