Happy birthday, Jenn!!! You and I have celebrated birthdays together for over 30 years. Though our choice in venue has changed since our Peter Piper days (and our haircuts have DRASTICALLY improved), there are some things that have stayed exactly the same. Like the fact that you still do my hair before a photo shoot. Or the way we can talk on the phone for 2 hours about nothing at all. You’ve been my sister from another mister since way before 1989.

I have no idea what life will look like another 30 years from now, but I’m sure we’ll still be in each other’s b-day photos… and by then, we’ll be back to the short haircuts. Life would be way lame without you. Thank you for being the very best friend (and sister) I’ve ever had. I hope you have one of the best birthdays ever. -Kaylinn

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The End