Helloooo from 8-Months-Preggo Land! According to my pregnancy app, Ellie is now the size of a motorcycle helmet (which makes sense, because it literally feels like ther’s a helmet in my belly). I’m LARGE AND IN CHARGE, y’all.

The GOOD news is, we’re in the final weeks of this pregnancy! I’m SO ready to meet this little girl. We attended a “birthing” class over the weekend, which was educational but also really funny (The instructor had us practice several birthing positions, along with birthing sounds/moans. Full disclosure: Jeff and I almost cracked up a few times… but we kept it together. Mostly. )

The nursery is almost finished. Ellie’s closet is packed with tiny baby clothes. We’ve got ALL of the baby gadgets. I even cleaned out a special place in the kitchen for bottles, baby food, and all other baby things! There are a few last-minute things on my official “Baby To Do List”, but for the most part, we are ready for our sweet girl. ❤️

8-Months-Preggo Land is a little uncomfortable and it’s also really busy, but can I be honest? It’s the happiest place to beeeeee! -Kaylinn

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The End