You know Jenn as our lead photographer. She’s not only my business partner, she’s my “person” and best friend. We have this joke that “Jenn did everything first” when it comes to life’s milestones. She got married before I did. She already has kids. She’s even turning 36 before I do (I have six months left as a young, 35-year-old. Ha!) I’ve learned so much about marriage, parenthood, and life by watching her “do things first,” and I’m so grateful for her example.

When I (finally!) got married last year, Jenn was the obvious choice as my maid of honor (side note: She was the best MOH of all time. She brought me water while Jeff and I were taking photos, helped me get my big ol’ poofy dress into the car, double-checked my makeup after I cried during our ceremony, and lots of other maid-of-honor-y things).

Being the best maid of honor of all time means giving the best TOAST of all time. And she DEFINITELY did that. Over a year later, my friends and family are STILL talking about how Jenn surprised everyone (including me) by RAPPING her own lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Belair. One of our wedding guests got the whole rap on video, which means you guys are in for a treat today. You can see how shocked I was at the very beginning of the video… best toast ever.

Jenn, thank you for being the bestest friend I could have ever asked for. -Kaylinn

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The End