Who else needs this reminder on a daily basis? ✋My name is Kaylinn and I’m stressing myself out for no real reason! I’m anxiously waiting for lab results (we did genetic testing for the baby this week), I need to pick up my prescriptions (turns out my blood pressure is too high for baby), I have WAY too many things on my baby-to-do-list (that nursery isn’t gonna decorate itself!)… You name it, I’m anxious about it.

Silly me. Less than 3 months ago, I would’ve done ANYTHING to be where I am now. I’m FINALLY pregnant!! I should be cheering from the rooftops and doing a happy dance every 5 minutes or so. Jeff and I have come SO FAR, and I’m not gonna let these little things ruin my pregnancy swag (cue the finger snap and hair flip )

ALWAYS concentrate on how far you’ve come, rather than how far you’ve left to go.” This quote is more for me than for you guys today, but I have a sneeeeaky feeling someone else needed this reminder. -Kaylinn

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The End