Lynna + Tim • San Antonio, Texas

We are SO excited about this wedding! Lynna + Tim’s wedding wedding ceremony and reception were held at The Hotel Emma in San Antonio’s Pearl Brewery. This is THE Hotel Emma, you guys! The Hotel Emma that has been voted as one of the best new hotels in the world. The Hotel Emma that is on every “it list” in Texas (and beyond). The Hotel Emma that has become one of our favorite wedding venues of all time. :) So yeah… we’re pretty excited to share these images…if you can’t already tell. :) We love it there, and our brides & grooms do too.

When Lynna first called to tell us about her wedding plans, it was an immediate match made in heaven. We talked for nearly an hour… She told us their story. She told us all about the small, intimate Hotel Emma wedding that she was planning (Just 20 guests! Love it!) Their wedding was held on a Wednesday afternoon and it was one of the sweetest, most intimate weddings that we’ve ever been a part of. We SO loved spending the afternoon with Lynna + Tim’s families as they celebrated (pretty sure there was not a dry eye in the room during the ceremony), and with only 20 guests, we left feeling like we had 20 new friends. :) Theirs was our last wedding of 2016 and it was the perfect close to an amazing year. We really do have the best job on the planet (Our brides, grooms, and their families really ARE the best!)

Confession: Narrowing down the images for this blog post was almost impossible! Every single image was our favorite. Every. Single. One. Somehow we managed to narrow down… here are our favorite images from Lynna + Tim’s big day. We hope you enjoy looking through them as much as we enjoyed taking them! :)
-Jenn & Kaylinn

1-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas2-1-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas-jpg3-1-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas-jpg4-1-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas-jpg5-1-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas-jpg6-1-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas-jpg7-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas8-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas9-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas10-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas11-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas11a-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texasLynna, you are gorgeous!
12-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas13-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas14-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas15-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texasLynna and Tim saw each other before their ceremony. It helped to calm their nerves and was such sweet moment (Tim’s face! Ahh!) These shots (above and below) were taken the moment Tim first saw Lynna. *chills!*
16-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas17-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas18-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas19-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas20-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas21-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas22-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas23-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas24-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas25-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texasHotel Emma courtyard wedding ceremonies, how we love thee!
26-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas27-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas28-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas29-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas30-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texas31-weddings-at-hotel-emma-wedding-reception-san-antonio-tx-texasLynna + Tim, capturing these moments was such an honor! We wish you all the best as you begin your new lives as Mr. and Mrs!

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Wedding Ceremony Venue: The Hotel Emma, San Antonio TX
Wedding Reception: The Hotel Emma, San Antonio TX
Bride’s Hair/Makeup: Southern Tease Hair & Makeup Boutique
Bride’s Dress: Hailey Page
Bride’s Shoes: Christian Louboutin

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