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This session almost didn’t happen. Fall/winter weather is kicking my butt this year! One moment it is rainy and then it clears up and the sun comes out. I’m tempted to put a crystal ball on this years’ Christmas list, just so I can predict the weather!

Mary had a deadline she needed to meet, so we decided to start with her indoor photos at Annex Co-working (best co-working space in San Antonio, FYI) As luck would have it, the clouds parted and although it was COLD, it didn’t rain. We even got a bit of sunshine!! Thank you, Mother Nature.

Mary is Executive Director of ABODE Contemplative Care for the Dying. I got to visit their house and I was so moved by what they are doing. It is a beautiful space, filled with so much love and care. Mary says: “Folks come to us when they have nowhere to live (which means hospice has nowhere to provide them with services) or they have no one to care for them 24/7. We provide love, care, support and celebration to folks in their last months, weeks and days of life at our ABODE home – a beautiful 3-bedroom house in San Antonio.

Before coming to work for ABODE, Mary was an entrepreneur. She owns Thorsby+Associates, where she is a community builder and connector, providing strategy, outreach, marketing communication, events and more to companies/individuals looking to create, expand and/or engage their audiences. She needed updated photos for her website, as well as headshots for newsletters and speaking engagements. And ta-da! Mission accomplished!

Update: This blog post has been sitting in my drafts for a couple of weeks! In that time, I got to do a second session with Mary and her sweet dog, Milo. I’ve mixed in photos from both sessions because… why not? 🙂 Get ready for a ton of photos… I had an impossible time choosing favorites!

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