It's not someone you would expect!

Hello! My name is Kaylinn and Jimmy Fallon is my celebrity crush. Oh, man… Did I just type that out for all of Instagram land to read? Suuuure did. My embarrassment for your reading pleasure. That’s just the type of selfless blogger that I am.

So yeah… Jimmy Fallon. My friends don’t get it. Jeff *definitely* doesn’t get it. But for real, you guys. He’s super funny and seems like an all-around genuine guy! Have I ever met him? No…. Celebrity crushes are weird.

My very FIRST celeb crush was waaay back in the days of New Kids on the Block. All my friends had a thing for Jordan… but I was a Donnie girl. “Step by step. Oh babyyyy. Gonna get to you giiiirrrrl.”  He never *did* get to me, BTW. It’s all good, Donnie. I’ve moved on.

Now that I’ve COMPLETELY embarrassed myself for your entertainment (my mother-in-law reads my blog, you guys… this is serious), I wanna know I’m not the only one! Who was your celeb crush back in the day? How about today? Gimme all the juicy details!!!

The End