(the finer things in life)

How many of you have tried online dating? It’s an experience, let me tell ya. I met Jeff online in 2014, which (thankfully) ended my online dating career. But before we met, I spent HOURS trying to write the perfect “dating profile.”

Most dating profiles, if you don’t already know, brag about adventure and interesting hobbies — “I’m Lindsey and I’m a sky-diving instructor! My hobbies include white-water rafting, scuba diving, and my dream is to one day drive for Nascar!”

Ummm… reeeeally?

As I wrote about myself, I just felt soooo. friggin. boring. I wanted to keep it real, but my “competition” was apparently living in a Fast & Furious movie. My favorite hobbies include taking naps, watching Netflix, and eating Nutella out of the jar. How could I compete?

The internet has a way of doing that to everyone, though, doesn’t it? We feel poopy when we see everyone else’s “perfection” online. We pressure ourselves to make our lives seem just as perfect, our homes just as clean, and our weekends just as adventurous. But here’s the truth: life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Who else has found yourself competing with the stuff online that. just. isn’t. real? Nap-lovers, Netflix-watchers, and Nutella-addicts…. where you at?   -Kaylinn

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