Pre-pregnancy photo! I’m a day late posting for #NationalDogDay, but I’m just gonna go ahead and blame it on the full-blown pregnancy brain that I’m suffering from. Mmk? Mmk.

Libby and Pete are the center of our little world. We call ourselves their “mommy and daddy” and talk about them like they’re actual people. Pete (left) likes to bark at sounds that no one else can hear. He also recently jumped straight into a cactus while chasing a squirrel, so… not the smartest dog on our block. Libby is our cranky old lady. She’s got back problems, walks with a limp, and growls if you disrupt her nap time in any way, shape, or form.

These two are my little sidekicks, and it will be interesting to see how they adjust after the baby comes next month. Every wedding I edit, every email I type… they are sleeping at my feet with no worries that I may roll over them with my office chair. Shout out to all of our brides who have heard these two barking during one of our phone consults… sometimes they turn into little buttheads when I’m on the phone. But what they lack in social skills, they make up for in cuteness, don’t ya think? -Kaylinn

The End