Who else is battling long lines and overcrowded parking lots while last-minute Christmas shopping this week? I may or may not have played the pregnancy card to get ahead in a few of those lines. Turns out, people are super nice when they see a baby bump. Not gonna lie, I’m kinda loving it.

In other pregnancy-related news, I’m now 21 weeks along! We had our 20-week anatomy scan last week, and the doctor confirmed that they baby is developing just as it should be. This is actually a huge deal because the 20-week scan is more detailed than the others and is often where doctors find life-threatening birth defects. I was ridiculously nervous in the days leading up to the scan, and now that it’s over (and it’s all good news!), I’m soooo much more relaxed. I’m able to ENJOY being pregnant rather than stressing about every little thing.

I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes last week. Gestational diabetes = pregnancy diabetes. I won’t be diabetic after the baby comes (when hormones go back to normal), but until then, I’m officially diabetic and must be on an extremely strict no sugar/high protein diet (otherwise it will be harmful for baby). I have to check my blood glucose levels (i.e. prick my finger) 4 times a day, and do insulin injections every evening. Soooo many needles! It’s been a definite adjustment… but all worth it for our little girl. In fact, I’m LOVING the Christmas season this year (despite the diagnosis). I’ve listened to more Christmas music, put up more decorations, and bought more presents than ever before.

Real talk: The last couple of Christmases were tough (battling infertility tends to take the Christmas cheer right out of you). Last Christmas, I remember wondering if we would (finally) be pregnant by Christmas 2017. I didn’t think so, but I let myself imagine it anyway. I dreamed about having a baby bump, sitting by the tree, opening gifts with our family… Everything I’d ever wanted, right there in one painful little daydream. Except it’s not painful anymore. Because it’s ACTUALLY happening. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because it doesn’t feel real. This photo, this Christmas, THIS BUMP… it’s everything. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, YOU GUYS!! It’s gonna be the best one ever. -Kaylinn

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