He called me on his way to work this morning “just to hear my voice.” Yesterday, he told me I looked beautiful when I was running around like a crazy pregnant lady, hair a mess, no makeup, nerd glasses crooked on my face. The day before that, he wanted to make sure I knew “how much he really loved me,” just in case he hadn’t told me enough lately.

I think it’s hitting both of us that things will never be the same after this month. And while we couldn’t be more excited for Ellie’s arrival, there’s also a little bit of sadness about saying goodbye to being a “family of two.” So tonight, we will binge on Netflix. Tomorrow night, we’ll go out to dinner… just me and Jeff. Saturday, we’ll sleep in, get breakfast tacos, and then do a whole lotta nothing. As we soak in these last few days of “just the two of us,” I’ll be reminded (over and over again) why this man is gonna be the perfect daddy for our sweet, sweet girl. We are two lucky ladies. ❀️ -Kaylinn


The End