2017 was a year of transition and addition for our family. These last few months especially have been a blur of busy. 

After months of planning and construction, the back porch (my new happy place) is complete, the bustle of the holidays is past, and we are settling into a new rhythm. I know that busy will be a part of my life for a while. Three children, a 100 year old home and a business will do that.

One thing I am learning in the midst of the busy is that no matter what is going on in the big picture, I have the choice to enjoy the small moment right in front of me. That making a single step in the right direction is progress to be celebrated. That life is actually made up of those tiny moments.
So if you are looking for me this morning, I will be soaking up a few minutes of sun, sipping some coffee and swinging in my new favorite place. 

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The End