The beginning of Bend the Light Photography

It’s #ThrowbackThursday on our Instagram feed today, and this photo is worth sharing on the blog!

In 2007, we made an out-of-the-blue decision to start our own photography company. Our friends and family were leery of the idea, so we bought our own cake to celebrate. We even wrote a caption for ourselves: “Congrats on our Canon.” Ha!

We’d just made our first big photography purchase… a Canon 20D. (Because we figured… if we wanna start a photography company, we’ll probably need a camera). It was the least expensive “professional” camera on the market at the time, and we had just the ONE camera for the TWO of us. Didn’t matter… We were excited! And nervous. And a little freaked out.

When this photo was taken, we were deciding between two names for our new company: “Bend the Light Photography” or “Head Over Heels Photography.” We eventually decided on “Head Over Heels”. It was fun and cutesy… and yeah… we thought we’d picked a winner. We hired a designer and they created a few girly, hot-pink logos for us to choose from. Annnnd we realized we’d made a huge mistake. Shortly after, Bend the Light Photography was officially born (and the pink went away forever).

When we started our company, we had NO idea of the amount of work it would take to make a name for ourselves. But we were brave (and willing to work our butts off). Ten years later, we’ve had success that has surpassed our wildest dreams (with the help of the best clients on the planet).

This photo makes me smile. As cheesy as it sounds, it reminds me to keep dreaming. And to eat plenty of cake. -Kaylinn

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