A year ago today, we got the biggest news of our lives. Tammy, the nurse at my fertility specialist’s office, called to say my blood test had come back positive… I was finally PREGNANT!!

When Jeff and I took this announcement photo, we were still in shock. I can see it in our faces… after 18 months of trying to get pregnant and failing, we weren’t sure if we could believe it. It didn’t feel real. But it was real alright! As I type this, I have formula on my shirt, 100 baby toys on my desk, and my baby’s sweet voice fills our house (all day and alllllll night ).

A year ago today, our infertility struggle ended and we began the best adventure ever. To see photos of that day (and Jeff’s sweet reaction to the news), flashback to our pregnancy announcement here! It’s our most-read post to date! Read more about our infertility journey here and follow along with our parenthood journey on Facebook and Instagram. It’s gonna be a wild ride!


PS – How many of you thought this was a NEW pregnancy announcement? I almost didn’t post because I didn’t want to freak you guys out!

The End