This guy… He’s my main squeeze. We’ve spent every day with each other since he’s been off for summer vacation. #TeacherPerks

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes he drives me crazy… like when he insists on playing with the dogs when I’m on a business call (they bark… A LOT) or when he leaves his dirty lunch dishes on my half of the desk. But the truth is, I’m so flippin’ thankful for him and for this extra time we’ve had together. Dreaming about the future home we wanna build, tackling infertility (we FINALLY beat it!), having Netflix marathons while cuddling with our baby girl… he’s my guy and Ellie and I are going to miss having him here when his vacation ends next week.

Moms, now that Jeff’s going back to work, I need ideas about how to keep Ellie entertained while I work! What worked for your little ones? A swing? Baby wearing? Are there any magic tricks I don’t know about? Holla at me! -Kaylinn

PS – read more about our infertility journey here… and see our long-awaited pregnancy announcement here (our most-liked blog post to date!) Follow along with our parenthood journey on Facebook and Instagram. It’s gonna be a wild ride!

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