Three years ago today, I had my first date with a “random internet guy” named Jeff. We’d exchanged a emails and phone calls in the weeks leading up to our date. He seemed nice, but I wasn’t convinced that he was my type. My mom convinced me to “give a nice guy a try” for a change. And so I did.

Jeff wanted to pick me up at my house, but I’d heard too many horror stories about online dating. I insisted on driving myself and meeting him there (Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant). He ran 15 minutes late, which made me even more nervous than I already was. Turns out, he wasn’t a psycho and he WAS my type. After talking and laughing for nearly 4 hours that night, we had our first kiss in the Chuy’s parking lot. We were married exactly 23 months later (to the day).

Happy 3-year date anniversary to my “random internet guy”. You are still too nice and you still run late every time. And I love you for it. XOXO ❤️️

The End