Tips for Photographers

Over the past 12 years, we have photographed weddings of all sizes. Weddings with no wedding parties to wedding parties with over 25 people. Getting a great shot of that many people can be challenging, but so worth it. Each person is important to our couple. Here are some tips for photographing large wedding parties!


Plan ahead

Look around the venue. Find an area with a clean, simple background so the focus is on the people. Looking for an area large enough for everyone and with enough space for you to photograph the group comfortably.


Create "levels"

Do whatever you can do to break up the straight line of heads! Find a place where a few people can sit, bring some chairs from the ceremony site, or have a few groomsmen squat down in the front. This will not only add interest, but will also allow each person to be larger in the final image.


Take charge

Keeping the attention of 20 people on such an exciting day requires you to speak up. Be loud (with a smile)! The faster you get what you need, the faster they get to the party. Win-win!


Break them up

After you’ve taken the must-have shot of the entire group, ask your client if they have smaller groups within their larger bridal party. Photographing a few specific friend groups (like high school friends, college friends, sorority/fraternity friends) will be more meaningful to those wedding party members and allow you to get more close-up shots of each bridal party member.


Add simple variations to the same pose

After you have the group set up just right, ask them to look at the camera and smile (snap!), cheer (snap!) and then chat/laugh with each other (snap!) Pull the couple to the front and focus on them with the wedding party behind or have the whole group walk together (snap!) These extra photos won’t take much time and will give your client variety in their final images.


Grab some close-ups

While you are photographing the entire group with your wide lens, have your second-shooter photograph with a long lens to get close-ups of individuals or floral details.


Keep on shooting

With so many people in one photo, overshooting can be your best friend! I take 10-15 identical frames of large wedding parties. This ensures there will be at least one shot with no blinking eyes or awkward faces.


Be patient and have fun!

Don’t forget… this is a celebration! Everyone is there to have a good time and celebrate with the couple. Sometimes it takes a little longer to get that one groomsmen to pay attention (there is always one!), but it is worth the extra effort to document your clients’ most important people on their happiest day!

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