If you’ve been following our Insta story, you know that we had to make an emergency trip to the “Labor and Delivery” E.R. last night. The baby and I are both ok, but she definitely gave us a scare.

For about 24 hours, she was much less active than usual. At first, I figured she was having a “lazy day,” but I realized it was more serious when I tried to actually count her kicks. The doctor says she should kick at LEAST five times each hour. After only counting 3 tiny/weak kicks in an hour’s time (and having a mini-breakdown in the living room), Jeff and I decided we would rather be safe rather than sorry.

After the doctor ran what felt like a million tests (and a nerve-racking three-hour wait), we were relieved to learn that Ellie’s heart rate was normal and she was still active (even though I couldn’t feel her much). Turns out, she really WAS just having a lazy day… which makes sense because lazy days are one of her parents’ favorite things.

We have 9 weeks left to go. We are SO close, and yet we were reminded last night that there are still several hurdles to overcome before Ellie is here, happy and healthy. You’ve all been incredibly supportive of us throughout this journey. We’re in the home stretch and would love it if you’d continue to pray for us (and for Ellie) throughout the remainder of this pregnancy.

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The End