Tips for rocking that baby bump!

Don’t know what to wear to your maternity session? We’ve got you covered.  As always, we recommend that you dress like your self, but with a little extra style. You should still look and feel like yourself in your photos, but you do want to feel like they very best version of yourself. A photo shoot is the perfect excuse to go shopping. Here are 5 tips that will have you looking and feeling fabulous!

Maternity photos tips


Be comfortable.

You cannot look your best if you don’t FEEL good. Make sure you have tried on your outfit (and recently! That baby bump grows quickly!) Can you move easily? Are you tugging at a certain area? You don’t want to be worrying about your clothing during the session.


Wear form fitting clothing.

Show off that bump! I know you don’t feel quite like yourself. I think almost every mom is self-conscious of her change body, but I promise, form fitted clothing is the way to go for your maternity photos. A tighter fit frees up your hands from holding on to your outfits, which can give more variety to the poses. Just look at how adorable Alana is with this form fitted lace dress!


Add a pop of color.

You know we love color, so this HAD to be one of the suggestions! Add some personality and fun to your photos by choosing a colorful piece to add to your outfit. Maybe it is a red dress or maybe it is a bold necklace. Don’t be afraid to spice it up with some color. 


Don't be afraid to be bold.

One that note, some of my favorite maternity outfits include not only fun colors, but also stripes. It is a bold choice, but I love how the stripes accentuate that baby bump. You can always bring a change of clothing and have one bold option and one more subtle choice.



Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. Add a chunky necklace, some bold earrings or a hat. I love that Emily wore a graphic tee that she loves and tied it up to show off her bump. And that hat…perfection!

The End