Can we bring our fur baby? Of course you can!

Here are a few ways to make the most of your session with your pups.


Bring help.

Ask a friend or hire a pet sitter to come along to your session. They can hold on to the pup(s) when they are not include in the photo, help get your dogs attention and ensure that you don’t have to walk a dog while wearing heels!


Wear them out ahead of time.

Take them on walk or a game of fetch will get out some energy and have them calmer for their close up.


Splurge on a new leash/collar.

You will be able to see their leash/collar in the images so make sure they look their best. If you are feeling extra fancy, you can add a floral or bow tie collar.


Keep it short.

Limit pet participation to a short time—especially if you have a young or energetic pet. After some time, they will get tired and your will be ready to focus on the photos of the two of you. Your friend can take them home or walk them around until we are finished with the session.


Bring treats.

If your dog is trained to sit and stay for a reward, bring some along to encourage their participation.

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-Jenn & Kaylinn

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