Re-charging in the Mountains

Every summer, we take a family trip, but for me, this one will always have a special place in my heart. It would be fair to say that we are a pretty adventurous family. We have taken two road trips in East Africa, road our bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge, and explored New York with a preschooler. It would also be true to say that I am the least physically adventurous family member. There have definitely been camping trips without me. But somehow, I found myself planning an adventure to Colorado, complete with zip-lining, water rafting, and off-roading. I did a lot of positive thinking before the trip and was determined to be my best adventurous self.

This trip definitely push my comfort zone, but in the best ways. A few highlights:

  • Surviving our very first excursion where we zip lined on our guides first day after training. It was a hot mess and I’m sure someday I will laugh at it.
  • Bringing our rambunctious, water-loving, can-never have too much playtime, still-basically-puppies, King and Queen with us. Something about having your pets with you makes it a super official FAMILY adventure.
  • Mini photoshoot on a mountain for my fashion loving son’s birthday. This is the 4th time his birthday and our vacation have overlapped, so it is nearly a tradition.
  • My favorite day was off-loading up a mountain to a field full of wildflowers, berating in mountain air and listening to the sound of little girl giggles, rushing waterfalls and Ethiopian music. Pure heaven.

These dogs could swim all day every day. 
Apparently the dandelions are bigger in Colorado. 
Birthday photoshoot with my amazing son. 
This is one of my favorite photos of her EVER. Alain was playing Rwandan music as we walked back to the car and she was skipping and dancing all the way. I LOVE that you can see in one image the complete joy and freedom she has. I learn so much from her. 
From the best day ever. Our smiles say it all.  There is no one else I would want as my adventure partner and my life partner. This handsome man pushes me when I need it and patiently loves me always.

The End