Uh huh, uh huh… I’m doing the happy dance over here because it’s time for my faaaavorite post of the year! Kaylinn says I have a “photo face” that I make anytime I’m behind the camera… these photos prove that she’s 100% right. Left eye closed + right eye smushed against the view finder + a smile = my go-to face. Oh, and there’s this hunch-thing I do with my shoulders if I’m reeeally concentrating, which is often. All-in-all, I do what it takes to get the best possible shot (even if it means getting down on my knees… in a dress!)

This year, this post is even better because Kaylinn came along to get some behind-the-scenes shots on one of our branding mini session days. Yasssss!

Here are my very favorite photos of me, doing my very favorite thing. -Jenn

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The End