Medical Professional Branding Photography

We love photographing amazing lady bosses, but we let the guys in on the action every now and then! We recently did a cover shoot for the magazine MD News.

As it turns out, getting four rockstar physicians in the same place at the same time for a photo shoot is quite the challenge! Dr. Thompson III went into surgery just minutes after the session was over. But we made it happen! Speaking of Dr. Ian Thompson III, he was recently featured in the San Antonio Business Journal as 2019’s Top 40 Under 40. ⠀
Funny story… Dr. Thompson was headed into surgery the morning of this shoot. So I did his headshots in the actual O.R., just minutes before he operated on an ACTUAL patient, on the ACTUAL table you see behind him. No props needed for this session! This is the real deal! I even had to wear a sterile gown and hair cap!
More proof that I have the best (and most interesting) job ever! -Jenn

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