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I still remember my Mom’s reaction the first time she saw my wedding photography. She was expecting to see photos similar to the ones taken at her wedding back in the 70s (you know… the photos of the bride & groom as they stand at the altar, smiling at the camera). Instead, she was looking at my “artsy” photography…full of emotion, bright colors and interesting angles.

It was obvious, she wasn’t sure what to think. “Did you take any… um… more traditional shots?” she asked, trying to be as supportive as possible. I had.
I’ll never forget to look of relief on her face when I showed her the more classic shots I’d taken. She was in love with my shots of the cake cutting, the bouquet toss, the photos of the bride and groom with their families.

Fast forward twelve years… we’ve shot hundreds of weddings and have met hundreds of Mothers of the Bride. In that time, I’ve had that exact conversation with several of our brides’ moms. “Do you take traditional/classic photos?” they ask. Our answer is always yes. In addition to capturing the fresh/modern photos that you see on our blog and website, we also make it a priority to capture timeless images that mothers (and grandmothers) will love.

Modern ✔️     Classic ✔️

Here’s the thing… In that first convo with my mom, I learned a valuable lesson as a wedding photographer — Modern/fun images are awesome. They capture the feel of the wedding day and the personality of the couple (which is why we love them and take lots of them!) But there is just something about those must-have classic images… It’s important to have photos of the bride and groom smiling, looking at the camera. And cutting the cake. And standing with their families at the altar. Call those photos traditional, call them classic… whatever you call them, they are timeless. And we take them at every wedding.

Over the years, we’ve seen lots of brides have the modern photography vs. classic photography debate with their moms… but we say, why choose? As photographers, we make sure that our brides (and our brides’ moms!) get best of both worlds.
Our more traditional photos don’t always make it to our website or blog, so we want to share a few of the classic wedding photos that we’ve taken. If you are a regular blog reader, you’ll recognize some of these images… but other photos (the more traditional ones) are being posted on the blog for the first time. So for those of you out there who are having the modern-vs-traditional debate with your moms (or maybe yourselves!), this post is for you. Here are some of the “modern” and “traditional” photos that we have taken at past weddings…side-by-side. You don’t have to choose! We’ve got you covered!

Modern ✔️     Classic ✔️
Modern ✔️     Classic ✔️
Modern ✔️     Classic ✔️

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-Kaylinn :)
(aka, Studio Manager)


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