(with a little pepper!)

I have ALWAYS wanted long-haired, fluffy, puffy kitten. We’ve looked off and on for over a year and never saw a long-haired kitten in a shelter. And did I mention that Maya has been begging for a female kitten for, like, ever? She even promised to be in charge of the litter box.

A couple weeks ago, we decided to go searching for our kitten… but we all agreed that we would wait for the perfect fit. We went from shelter to shelter. No fluffy kittens. We decided to try one more. There were only a couple of kittens there and we were about to leave, when they brought in one single, adorable, FLUFFY kitten. She didn’t even make it to her official crate when we snatched up her tag and made it official. It was perfect timing and she was the exact kitten we had been looking for!

Introducing, Pepper. All of the ladies in our family are a bit spicy, so we expect she will be too! She enjoys snuggling, batting at tiny toys, and spending alone time under the bed. I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots more of her soon.


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The End