Use models to tell your brand's story!

If you provide a service, chances are you need photos of your happy clients to tell the story of your brand and help potential clients envision what it is like to work with you. Ask a friend or current client to come along to you branding session. Here are a few tips for using models in your branding photoshoot. (Note: They do not have to be profession models!)

1. Manage their expectations.
Let your friend or client know exactly what you will need from them. When adding models to a branding shoot, we typically need them for less than an hour. You aren’t going to fill your instagram feed up with 30 photos of the same person. Be mindful of their time and let them know in advance how much time they will need to dedicate to the photoshoot. (Part of our planning of your photoshoot will be deciding on the right time to add in the models.)

2. Tell them what to wear.
You have planned your outfits down to the last detail and thought carefully when choosing your brand colors. Ask your models to keep that in mind when deciding what to wear. You can give them a few colors to choose from or just ask them to wear neutral colors. Also keep in mind the feel you want in the images. If you are want a light and airy feel, ask your models not to wear dark colors.

3. Show them your inspiration board.
Lifestyle branding photography isn’t something that everyone is familiar with. We will be working together to create an inspiration board for your shoot. Share that board with anyone who will be involved to help them understand what they will be doing in the photos and what your goal is for the photoshoot.

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4. Choose carefully.
If your mom stresses you out, don’t ask her to come along. Being in front of the camera can be nerve-racking. If you are adding additional people into your session, make sure they will add calm and joy to your photoshoot. Ask clients or friends who understand your vision and will be there to support you. While they do not need to be professional models, it is best not to choose someone who is extremely uncomfortable having their photo taken.

5. Have fun.
My favorite images are ALWAYS when my clients can relax. Do whatever you can to add calm and fun to the shoot. Bring along a bottle of wine or a gift for your model(s). I can guarantee your favorite images are going to be of the moments that you let loose a little. Don’t be afraid to play. Your friend/client will take cues from you.

Have more questions about your branding session? Call us, send us a message on Facebook…whatever! We are here to help (Helloooo! It’s our job to make sure your photos rock!)

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-Jenn & Kaylinn

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