Alexandra + Jason • San Antonio, Texas

Alexandra + Jason’s engagement session is jam-packed with personal details, each with their own sweet back story (which is one of the many reasons I loved shooting it so much.)

Let’s play a game! I’ll tell you a few short stories, and you see how many references you can find in their photos. Here it goes…

Alexandra + Jason’s first date was at a coffee house. She was reading Jaws and drinking black coffee when a handsome stranger walked in (AKA Jason). He immediately asked if she wanted a cookie, and then bought one for both of them to share. They hung out inside until closing (when they were kicked out), then moved the party-for-two outside where the conversation continued. 

Fast forward to after their second date. Jason purposely “popped up” at Harry Potter trivia, where Alexandra was with friends (SPOILER ALERT: He was there just so he could see her). 

These days, Alexandra and Jason spend their free time reading all sorts of fun stuff. (Fun fact:  When we bought their house, they specifically picked a floorplan that would allow us to convert one of the rooms into an in-home library. How cool is that?!)

Annnd there you have it! Now… keep scrolling to check out their super cute photos! Can you find all five references? -Jenn

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