Get ready to see some familiar faces, you guys! When Kens 5 Eyewitness News contacted us to ask if we’d be willing to shoot the promo photos for their news team, we were so excited. It’s always fun to step outside of our usual box and do something a little different.

Fun fact: Scheduling a sunset photo shoot for an entire news team can be tricky (since, ya know, they need to be in studio at sunset to report the NEWS. Ha!) The solution? We shot the MORNING news team while the EVENING news team was on air. As soon as the evening broadcast wrapped, the evening team was rushed to the St. Anthony Hotel rooftop (where we did the session). The hair/makeup team did some quick touch ups, and we were set to go (just in time before the sun went down). Whew! The Kens 5 production team was SO great… everything ran like clockwork and we got some great images.

We had such a blast with these guys. We’ve watched some of them on the news for years, so meeting them in person was especially awesome. :) The entire team was so friendly and welcoming. We laughed a LOT (especially with weatherman Bill Taylor — scroll down to see some of his bloopers/outtakes). Here are our favorites from the Kens 5 shoot. Enjoy!
-Jenn & Kaylinn

PS – In the next few days, we’ll be posting more from our Kens 5 shoot (including a few behind-the-scenes shots) on our Facebook and Instagram!
kens-5-eyewitness-news-team-morning-evening-san-antonio-tx_0143kens-5-eyewitness-news-team-morning-evening-san-antonio-tx_0144kens-5-eyewitness-news-team-morning-evening-san-antonio-tx_0145Jeff Brady, evening news anchor

kens-5-eyewitness-news-team-morning-evening-san-antonio-tx_0146Sarah Lucero, evening news anchor

kens-5-eyewitness-news-team-morning-evening-san-antonio-tx_0147Bill Taylor, Meteorologist

kens-5-eyewitness-news-team-morning-evening-san-antonio-tx_0148kens-5-eyewitness-news-team-morning-evening-san-antonio-tx_0149Deborah Knapp, news anchor

kens-5-eyewitness-news-team-morning-evening-san-antonio-tx_0150Paul Mireles, Meteorologist

Phil Anaya, news anchor

Karen Grace, weekend news anchor

kens-5-eyewitness-news-team-morning-evening-san-antonio-tx_0151Sarah Forgany, morning news anchor

kens-5-eyewitness-news-team-morning-evening-san-antonio-tx_0152Joe Reinagel, sports anchor

kens-5-eyewitness-news-team-morning-evening-san-antonio-tx_0153Chelsey Hernandez, traffic anchor and entertainment reporter

kens-5-eyewitness-news-team-morning-evening-san-antonio-tx_0154Barry Davis, anchor

kens-5-eyewitness-news-team-morning-evening-san-antonio-tx_0155Stacia Willson, noon news anchor

Vinnie Vinzetta, sports news anchor

Jared Silverman, Meteorologist

The End