You already know it’s important for you to show up in your feed… but WHERE should you take the photos? In your office? Downtown? In a studio? The location you choose will make a real difference in the look and feel of your photos. Step one is to think about your brand style and what location would help tell your brand’s story. Take the time to think about what your typical day looks like. Potential clients love to go behind the scenes.

Is your office already styled for your brand? Does it have plenty of windows for the natural light to flood in? Hooray! You have found the location for your branding photoshoot. But we know this isn’t always the case. The entrepreneur life sometimes means working from your couch without any windows around.

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If you don’t have an office, but you want an "office" location:

Time to brainstorm! Do you have a friend with a great office space? Does your neighborhood or apartment building have a clubhouse with natural light? Another option is using a co-working space (like Annex Co-working) or a rental on Air B&B. Keep in mind the surrounding area of your chosen location. We can do some outdoor lifestyle images to give you a mix of indoor and outdoor lifestyle photos for your brand.


If your office has no natural light...

We do specialize in natural light photography, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know our way around a flash! 🙂 While it is not ideal for us to photograph an entire session with no natural light, if you spend most of your time in that office, we can find a way to incorporate in some images. If you are drawn to our style of photography, chances are you love natural light too! After taking some inside shots, we can head to another location with more ideal lighting to add variety to your branding shoot.
San Antonio personal brand photographer Therapist Brand photo


If another business would be the perfect location: 

Put yourself out there. You won’t know unless you ask! Give them a call or stop by and let them know what you need. We can work with a small area by a window and we would be there for less than an hour. Are they slow when they first open? We can adjust the shoot time based on that. Keep in mind, there might be a rental fee or they may be happy just to have some images of their space.

If you are stumped on the location, we are here to help! Shoot us a message and we’ll brainstorm ideas for location (and lots more!)

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-Jenn & Kaylinn

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